Arab states urge action against Syrian government

The Arab League has become a useful tool of the West and always ready to pursue the interests of the dominant powers in the region, i.e. the Saudis and the Qataris. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Saudi foreign minister is urging military strike on Syria with the backing of the League, rewriting history by claiming that the Syrian regime has refused a political solution to the on-going conflict. From what the media in the region and in the west has published over the last two and a half years, time and again it has been the Syrian opposition-the Syrian National Council (SNC)- that has refused to participate at any of the proposed peace conferences. The SNC has been making the impossible demand of excluding their negotiating partner, Bashar Assad from any negotiations making it impossible for a viable political solution. Contrary to the Saudis claims that the Syrian regime sought a military solution, in fact, the SNC has been the one asking for western military action and arms in order to take power in Syria. And it seems the SNC’s wishes to take power through external forces may just come true (unless the US Congress votes against a military action on Syria).


About angelajoya

Assistant Professor, Middle East Political Economy, at the University of Oregon. Currently writing on the Egyptian revolution and the Syrian crisis.
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