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Updates on Egypt: Capitalists, Islamists and Protests

Egypt’s millionaires make up 0.04% of total adult population: Report [ ] The Sawiris and Mansours top the list: “3000 Egyptian millionaires left the country during the 2012-2013 rule of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, but did not elaborate further. Six … Continue reading

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Alaa al-Aswany on why he had to support Egypt’s Military “Somewhere between a fifth and a third of the country may still back Morsi (and some of their allies shouted down a talk Aswany recently gave in Paris, forcing him … Continue reading

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Syrian Woman Torches Herself After Being Raped in Turkey Camp – American Flag in Camp

Originally posted on the real Syrian Free Press:
As almost every major world country is rushing to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria that of course fulfills its own agenda. But at the same time much deeper…

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Update on Syria

 The scramble for Geneva II  [   /scramble-geneva-ii-2013102783211692626.html] Who’s Who: The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) [] Unifying Syria’s Rebels: Saudi Arabia Joins the Fray [] Saudi religious leader urges youths not to fight in Syria [] Kurdish militants … Continue reading

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Syrian troops retake Christian town from jihadists “The fighting in Syria, meanwhile, has continued unabated. The state-run SANA news agency said the army “restored security and stability” to the town of Sadad, 120 kilometers (75 mile) north of Damascus, early … Continue reading

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