#SaudiKing orders massive $29.3 billion spending – Al Arabiya News

King Salman bin Abdulaziz has ordered a massive $29.3 billion (110 billion Saudi Riyals) spending in a series of decrees issued on Thursday, that include lavish payments of two months bonus salary to all Saudi state employees and a series of subsidies.

Former government employees will receive two months bonus pension, while students, people with special needs and people receiving welfare payments will also benefit from a bonus payment equivalent to two months of their annual income.

The King posted a statement later on Twitter in which he addressed his people saying: “You deserve more and whatever I do will never meet your right. I ask Allah to help me and you for the service of religion and the nations. Don’t forget me in your prayers.”

Included in the handouts was $5.3 billion (20 billion riyals) pledged in subsidies for electricity, water, and housing.

King Salman succeeded his brother, the late King Abdullah, who died after a short illness last week.

And in a commitment to the arts, King Salman pledged $267,000 for each art club in the kingdom.
Saudi King orders massive $29.3 billion spending – Al Arabiya News.


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