PHOTOS: Thousands of teachers in Iran hold nationwide protest despite intimidation and crackdown

NCRI – Thousands of teachers in Iran did not attend schools in cities across the country on Sunday in protest against the lack of adequate income and the difficult living conditions they face.

Teachers in at least 20 cities across Iran, including Shiraz, Zanjan, Tehran, Kermanshah, Bushehr, Bandar Abbas, Yasuj, Ardebil and Khoramabad have joined the nationwide protest by Iranian teachers.

In the city of Khoramabad over a thousand teachers gathered outside the offices of the Education Ministry.

In city of Kermanshah in western Iran, family members of the teachers also joined the protest.

In Shiraz, southern Iran, thousands of teachers took to the streets holding signs in English and Persian reading: “Teachers rise up to eliminate discrimination, monthly low wages.”

In Zanjan, hundreds of teachers continued their protest outside the Education Ministry offices despite intimidation by the State Security Forces and agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

In Yasuj, police sealed off streets leading to the protest gathering by the teachers in the city.

The protesting teachers carried signs demanding end to torture and execution in Iran.

A number of signs carried by teachers read:

“Teacher’s place is not jail.”

“No to Imprisonment, intimidation and expulsion; imprisoned teachers must be free.”

“Violence, torture and execution must end.”

“Unfairness and inequality must be banned.”

“Mr. Rouhani [Hassan Rouhani] doubt your justice.”

“The poverty line is three million tomans, teachers salary is one million tomans.”

“We have the right to organize.”
PHOTOS: Thousands of teachers in Iran hold nationwide protest despite intimidation and crackdown.


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