Refereed Journal Articles

‘Syria and the Arab Spring: The Evolution of the Conflict and the Role of Domestic and External Factors’, Ortadoğu Etütleri (Turkish Journal of Middle Eastern Studies), Vol. 4, No. 1, July, 2012, pp.27-55.

‘The Egyptian Revolution: Crisis of Neoliberalism and the Potential for Democratic Politics,’ Review of African Political Economy, Issue No. 29, September 2011.

‘Syria’s Transition, 1970-2005: From Centralization of the State to Market Economy’, Research in Political Economy Volume 24, Summer 2007.

‘The Manley Report: A Repeat of Past Policy or Blue Print for a New Direction?,’ Development Forum, Vol.1, Issue 1, Spring 2008.

Book Chapters

 ‘Failed States and Canada’s 3D Policy (Defense, Diplomacy and Development) in Afghanistan’, in Jerome Klassen and Greg Albo (eds.),  Empire’s Ally: Canadian Foreign Policy and the War in Afghanistan, University of Toronto Press, 2013 (forthcoming).

 ‘A Comparative Study of Neoliberalism in Egypt and Syria’, in Richard Westra (ed.), Confronting Global Neoliberalism: Third World Resistance and Development Strategies, Clarity Press, 2010.

Book Reviews

Rabab El-Mahdi and Philip Marfleet (eds.) Egypt: The Moment of Change, (Zed Press, 2009), submitted to British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 39 (December 2012), pp. 414-416.

Line Khatib, Islamic Revivalism in Syria: the rise and fall of Ba’thist Secularism, London: Routledge, 2011, submitted to Canadian Journal of Political Science Vol 46, No.1, Spring 2013.

Laura Guazzone and Daniela Pioppi, (eds.), The Arab State and Neoliberal Globalization: the Restructuring of State Power in the Middle East, (Reading: Ithaca Press, 2009), Review of African Political Economy, Volume 38, Issue No. 128, June 2011.

Kathy Gannon, I is for Infidel, J is for Jihad, K is for Kalashnikov, (New York: Perseus Books, 2005), Canadian Foreign Policy, Volume 14, Issue No. 3, 2008.

Mike Davis, Planet of Slums, (London, Verso, 2005), Relay, No. 13, Sep/Oct. 2006.

Reports and other Publications

‘The Unraveling of Neoliberal Policies in Egypt: The Case of Karnak, Luxor,’ Relay, No.22, April-June 2008.

‘Egyptian Protests: Falling wages, High Prices and the Failure of an Export-Oriented Economy,’ The Bullet, No. 111, June 2, 2008.

‘Global Financial Pressures and the Shift in Housing Policy: A Comparative Study of Housing Policies in the Global South’, report prepared for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), June 2006.

‘Dilemmas of State-Building and Public Administration in Palestine’, Report prepared for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Spring 2006,

‘Post-Cold-War U.S. Imperial Strategies in the Middle East: The Case of Iraq’, York Centre for International and Security Studies, Working Paper Series, October 2005.



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